Francesco Marchitelli

Francesco Marchitelli

Computer Engineer ·

A Computer Engineer graduate at Polytechnic University of Bari. A highly skilled and motivaved Senior Software Engineer with twelve year's experience in ICT, Networking, Computer Science, Analysis and Software Development with proven experience in Software Engineering.
Currently working as Technical Lead and Technical Project Manager. Lecturer for training courses.


Programming Languages, Frameworks & Tools
  • Spring
  • Hadoop
  • Airflow
  • Kubernetes
  • Tensorflow
  • R
  • S3
  • RDF

Java, Spring, Scala, Spark, Hadoop, Airflow, Jenkins, Docker, Openshift, Kubernetes, Python, Tensorflow, R, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular, NodeJS, SQL, MongoDB, AWS S3, RDF, SPARQL, Prolog, Google Cloud Platform, Scrum, Git, Jira, Cisco

Teaching & Collaborations
Accademia Del Levante

Spring Trainer at
Accademia del Levante

ITS Angelo Rizzoli

Big Data Trainer at
ITS Angelo Rizzoli


ICT Trainer at
Associazione Trabaco


Winner Call to Co-Creation ArCo

ArCo is the Knowledge Graph of the Italian cultural heritage, and includes: a network of 7 vocabularies that describe the domain of cultural heritage and the data extracted from the General Catalog of Cultural Heritage of the ICCD-MiBAC and transformed into RDF, in accordance with ontologies.

16 April 2019

Winner Hackathon #hackdev17 Developers Italia

48 hours of code sprint throughout Italy: the developers join to digitize the PA with open source code.

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7-8 October 2017

Winner Hackathon LOD That Works

The goal is to connect and interlink data around historical figures from various datasets from Trentino Open Data. The results is not only a showcase of the practicality of publishing data as Linked Data, but also an infotainment experience to raise awareness of historical figures with local heritage while promoting tourism and investment in the Province of Trento. The app shows the cities and places where historical figures have lived and connecting them with local points of interest and artistic heritage in that area.

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March 2015




The Summer School aims to present basic technologies and knowledge in the field of data analysis, statistics and artificial intelligence, paying particular attention to the applications of Data Science in the main areas of interest on the international scene.

15-19 July 2019



The Mini Agile Day Bari is an entirely non-profit event organized by the Apulian developer communities and the Italian Agile Movement, in order to spread the principles and culture of Agile.

10 March 2018

OpenDataFest 2017


A three days community gathering to get to know the world of open data and open knowledge, meet people who are passionate about them, share experiences and protype stuff.

2-4 June 2017

OpenData Day 2017

Gioia del Colle

Open Data Day is an annual celebration of open data all over the world. For the seventh time in history, groups from around the world will create local events on the day where they will use open data in their communities. It is an opportunity to show the benefits of open data and encourage the adoption of open data policies in government, business and civil society.

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March 2017

Restart Italy

Politecnico di Bari

Restart Italy was a Microsoft program that wants to help cities to give life to a new "digital Renaissance". I was selected to discuss about "Job Environment Reshape: the world of work and the central value of the new digital skills".

December 2014


Airflow: DAG e Dintorni

Airflow is a job orchestrator useful for performing ETL tasks or custom mapreduce jobs. We will see how it works and how to configure it with AWS on EMR EC2 instance.

December 2022

FOIA: from teory to practice

Master EMMAEL Final Discussion

In this talk we will discuss about FOIA, starting from the legislative part and ending with practical examples of its application.

May 2020

Machine Learning and Data Analysis Techniques to support covid19

Open Puglia Zoom Appetizer #2

In this talk we will discuss about machine learning techniques and covid19 data analysis.

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April 2020

#hackdev17: pipeline for tranforming CSV data to RDF

Linked Open Data Sicilia 2018

Pipeline for tranforming CSV data to RDF, developed during #hackdev17. This project depends on Tarql. The idea is to write a SPARQL CONSTRUCT query in order to map the initial CSV Data with Cultural-ON Ontology.

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November 2018

Continuous Integration with Jenkins and Java EE

GDG Bari DevFest 2017

In this talk, we will analyze how to use Jenkins as a tool to perform Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery in a Java EE architecture, using WildFly as Application Server and Maven as a dependency handler, exploiting the wildfly-maven-plugin.

October 2017

How to use Google Cloud Platform for Natural Language Processing (NLP)

GDG Bari DevFest 2016

This pitch talks about Google Cloud Natural Language, and how it could be used to make a Named Entity Recognition from English text. I'll talk about Machine Learning approaches, supervised and unsupervised, and it will be shown a practical use case to extract named entities from text.

November 2016

Google Cloud Platform

GDG Bari DevFest 2015

This pitch gives a complete overview about Google Cloud Platform, its infrastructure and the services linked with it.

November 2015

Google Cloud Platform

StartUp Weekend Benevento - BootCamp

This pitch gives a complete overview about Google Cloud Platform, underlying Services and Features.

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April 2015


covid19: a comparison between Italian and Apulian trends

We will talk about the history of the Italian Civic Protection Repository and how the history of the data has changed regarding the pandemic, doing a small analysis of the first publication of the data. Finally, we will view my graphs explaining what curves are, the differences between exponential and logistic function and analyzing the peak of the contagions, comparing the Italian and the Apulian situation.

6 June 2020

Open Puglia Zoom Appetizer #2

We will talk about machine learning techniques and emergency data analysis, ANPR and ISTAT data to understand the real impact of the coronavirus through statistics.

30 April 2020

Open Puglia Zoom Appetizer #1

In 40 minutes on Zoom we will talk about blockchain on the emergency data coronavirus, OpenPuglia API, dataviz of the epidemic data, Solidarity Map in Apulia.

Event Video
7 April 2020